Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM

DOT, DMV, CDL Pre-Employment, School, Sports Physical Examinations

theCOHC is a walk in Physical Examination Center serving the work force of Greater Los Angeles.

Are you searching for place to get your physical / medical examinations? Look no further. We have been providing physical examinations required in various industries including DOT (Department of Transportation), DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Schools (Nursing and other Healthcare related occupations. Our goal is to set the standard for access to quality health care services. Our clients are employees of or an independent contractors in various industries including LAUSD, Automotive and Trucking, Healthcare as well as students preparing for their education or training in vocational fields.

Procedure for the physical examination is usually very simple unless you have serious illnesses or limitations.

Call us if you have questions. We hope that we have the opportunity of helping you or someone you know get or stay healthy.