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If you received a letter from DMV requesting DMV Medical Evaluation form filled out by physicians to re-instate your drivers license we can help.

“The Department of Motor Vehicles’ records indicate your patient may have a condition that could affect the safe operation of a motor vehicle. (See Instructions to the Medical Professional, page 1 for the specific medical condition that is a concern to the department.) With your assistance, the department hopes to resolve the matter with a minimum of inconvenience to all concerned”sage box. Click edit button to change this text.

Have you received a similar DMV Medical Evaluation letter attached with form DS 326 from DMV? If you have, this mean DMV obtained your health record from hospitals or law enforcement agencies or other public service agencies including PD, CHP, FD etc.

Well, you are not alone, we helped many individuals coming to us with DMV Medical Evaluation form to be filled out. Most of their issues were cleared and either got the driver’s license reinstated or never faced the suspension. In fact, we were able learn from the process because many drivers didn’t know the underlying cause for the suspension notice. If this sounds familiar give us a call we can help you, your friend or your family member.