Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM

DOT DMV Commercial Driver's Physical Examination at the COHC


$40 DOT DMV Commercial License Physical Examination

Who needs DOT Physical Examination? 

A. Class A Truck Drivers

B. Class B License Drivers

C. Ambulance Drivers

D. Driving Instructors

Why get DOT Physical at the COHC?

The medical staff at COHC are NRCME Certified and registered to perform DOT Physical examinations that meet the requirements of the FMCSA Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for commercial drivers.

You don’t need an appointment, just call the clinic to confirm that one of our certified DOT Physical examiners can see you at your convenience.

The DMV MCSA 5875 / DL51 forms are available at the clinic so just come in with your picture ID.

The time to complete your DOT Physical is between 15-20 minutes. The urine testing performed during DOT Physical is to check the level of your sugar, protein, and signs of infection.

Don’t have the time to visit the clinic? As an alternative we can arrange to come out to your home or office 

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A. Benefits and Convenience of getting DOT Physical at the COHC

1. Flexible Hours: Monday – Saturday 8am-8pm

2. Same Day DOT Physical Examination Certification

3. Free Parking on the upper and lower level

B. What we guarantee during and after you get DOT Physical Examination at the COHC

1. ME will work closely with clients to remediate medical conditions

2. If you have medical conditions requiring waiver we guide you through and make sure you are in contact with the appropriate authority handling the Federal Waiver Programs.

3. The staff and ME has deep understanding of the regulation and the role and responsibility of the driver thus the advise and recommendations provided up to date and accurate.

4. The client and employer ( Motor Carrier) has immediate access to the digital copies of the examination form.

C. Tips for the Drivers before the DOT Physical Examination

1. Arrive early morning.

2. Have plenty of sleep the day before the examination.