Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM

A. Chest XRay for TB Clearance Convenience, Courtesy & Dedication

B. Chest X-Rays and X-Rays of other body parts (Neck, Back, Arms, Legs, Head, Shoulder, Elbows etc)

Our partnering Radiology facility is located throughout Southern California.

C. Chest X-Ray Reports and Appointments

1. Chest X-Ray reports are available in 24 hours

2. STAT reports are available within 2 hours upon request

3. Reports and images are available on: film, paper, CD and online

4. Immediate emergency appointments are available

D. Locations to get Chest XRay

1. Los Angeles

2. Burbank

3. Downey

4. Huntington Park

$90 Chest X-Ray with Physical Examination

List of Services and Prices

  • Chest X-Ray
  • Neck X-Ray 2 Views
  • Back X-Ray
  • Other Body Parts