Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM

We have been offering physical examinations since 2008. We have conducted thousands of physical examinations for employees and students. 

We take serious approach to the physical examinations because it is a valuable opportunity for us to evaluate your health history and analyze your organ systems in a systematic manner.

The approach help our clients identify areas of concern and make changes that will help them achieve their health goals. Because we do not take health insurance, we can think outside the box and potentially suggest alternative approaches that might greatly benefit our clients.

Clients who want a deeper dive into their health status choose our physical examinations with blood test screening. With each client, we customize panels that address his or her specific needs, and the fee includes all lab fees and a copy of your results.

Additionally, if you need a physical examinations for a regulatory reason (e.g. DOT Physical Examination), we can help. CDL/DOT clients walk in anytime and walk out with completed paperwork, generally in 30 minutes or less.

For patients interested in just getting blood tests, check out our affordable blood test panels